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Continuum excels at multi-location integration and deployment services We provide the people, solutions, and expertise to streamline the build and deployment of your IT infrastructure faster, better,  and cost effectively.

Large-scale rollouts and multi-site deployments of customized IT systems are our specialty.

                 • Servers
                 • Storage
                 • Networks
                 • Wireless
                 • Security
                 • Software
                 • Custom IT Hardware
We provide secure storage, inventory and asset tagging; plus configuration, testing and staging services including delivery, installation and deployment.

Continuum is equipped to project manage and deploy your systems anywhere in the world.

Global Onsite Support

Typically, remote offices have limited IT skills making it difficult to keep them current. This is where CTI comes in. Our nationwide technicians are available to provide the LOCAL support you need with the right skillset. Technology refreshes, troubleshooting, recabling, device installs, and even asset removal.

Integration, Deployment, Implementation, & Disposition

Supporting your remote locations is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, as soon as you’re done it’s time to start again. Not the best use of your IT department’s time. That’s why partnering with CTI is a win-win. We specialize in large-scale asset deployments, upgrades, implementations, and even secure IT Asset Disposition services that includes disk erasures and HDD destruction.

Data Center Consolidations and Relocations

End to end solutions. CTI specializes in data center consolidations, relocations, and closures. The CTI Methodology includes:

     • Project Management
     • Inventories
     • Staging
     • Testing
     • Rack and Stack
     • Relocations
     • IT Asset Disposition 
     • Storage, Logistics, and Shipping

Locally Global Technicians

Specialized skillsets on demand for a few hours, days, weeks, or months. CTI provides you with the right technical expertise when you need it and where you need it. Ladders or no ladders…
      • Low voltage wiring
      • Wireless Network Surveys
      • AP installation
      • Technology swaps, installs, and removal
      • Storage
      • Data Centers

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